Federal Student Financial Aid Programs Available At E.D.P. School

Federal Pell Grant provides grant aid money to assist students who have not already received a Bachelor’s Degree. (Note: If you are eligible for a Pell Grant and your parent or guardian was a member of the U.S. Armed forces who died as a result of military service in Iraq or Afghanistan after Sept. 11, 2001, you are eligible for a Pell Grant for the award year.)

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) provides grant funding awarded by the school (Campus-Based Aid) from limited funds provided by the federal government. The FSEOG must be awarded to undergraduates with exceptional financial need (that is, students with the lowest EFC) and gives priority to students who receive Federal Pell Grants.

Iraq & Afghanistan Service Grant provides grant money to students who are not Pell-eligible, whose parent or guardian died as a result of military service in Iraq or Afghanistan after 9/11, and who, at the time of the parent or guardian’s death, were less than 24 years old or were enrolled at least part time at an institution of higher education.

The Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Rehabilitation Services Program is part of the New York State Education Department. ACCES-VR, formerly known as the Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID), assists individuals with disabilities to obtain and maintain employment.


Additional Information Regarding Federal and State Student Financial Aid Programs at E.D.P. School

In order to be considered for Federal Student Financial Aid Programs, you must first meet the Federal Student Aid Eligibility Rules and complete an on-line application (FAFSA).  Simply follow the easy steps on the “Financial Aid Information & Instructions” page on this website.

If you need any assistance or have questions about the financial aid application process, please note our Financial Aid Office is available to assist you. Please call (718) 332-6469 to schedule an appointment.

Welcome to The Financial Aid
FAQ at E.D.P. School


Answers To All Of Your Financial Aid Questions

Below you will find the answers to most questions regarding Federal Financial Aid. If after browing this FAQ you still require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (718) 332-6469.

The on-line process makes the financial aid application process easier and faster than ever, but if you still require additional help, our friendly and experienced Financial Aid staff will further guide and assist you. If you would like to make an appointment or receive more information, please call (718) 332-6469.

  • The information that you provide in the FAFSA application will help the school determine if you are eligible for Federal Financial Aid.
  • When completing the FAFSA form, be sure to list E.D.P. School Code as your school choice (Federal School Code #041171) as this will ensure we receive your information in a timely manner.

To learn more about which Financial Aid Programs are available at E.D.P. School, please click this link.

E.D.P. School provides prospective students with an on-line calculator that provides general estimates of costs and financial aid. These are, of course, only estimates, and your actual financial aid may vary. For actual costs and financial aid information, it is best to speak with our Financial Aid Office. Please give us a call at (718) 332-6469 to learn more.

Federal Student Aid is available to all students who meet the basic eligibility requirements. Federal awards in the form of “grants” are awarded based upon financial need. To qualify for Federal Student Aid, you have to meet certain requirements. For more detailed information regarding Federal Student Aid eligibility, please visit the Federal Student Aid Basic Eligibility Criteria page here.

Upon completion of the application and verification (if required) processes, the Financial Aid Office will prepare a financial aid offer for you based on your eligibility as determined by your FAFSA. Your financial aid offer will list all of the aid for which you are eligible. Your advisor will also discuss timing of your financial aid payments, billing procedures and payment plan options.

Upon completion of the application process and admission into one of our eligible programs, the Financial Aid Office will prepare an offer of financial aid for you based upon your eligibility and financial need. This financial aid offer may include a Federal PELL grant. The Financial Aid Office will meet with you one-on-one to discuss the aid program offered, explain the timing of financial aid disbursements, describe billing and payment procedures, and advise you on alternative financing sources.

Unfortunately, we cannot process any financial aid until all of the required documentation is submitted and reviewed. At times, this process will require us to make changes to your FAFSA data, which can add time to the processing. Therefore, it is important that you submit any documentation as soon as possible. If you have any questions on the process, please contact the Financial Aid Office and they will be happy to assist you.

Using financial aid is a serious responsibility. It is very important that you understand your responsibilities as a recipient of Federal Student Aid, and that you know your rights. E.D.P. School has assembled a Rights & Responsibilities webpage to ensure that you completely understand these important concepts.

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