Financial Training

Enrolling at E.D.P. School was your first step towards achieving your goals. The training you will receive in class is specific to your program of choice. We feel it is very important to also provide you with additional life skills you will utilize outside of the classroom, such as financial literacy. As you take the first steps needed to obtain the career of your dreams, we highly encourage you to also take some time to educate yourself on your finances.

The tools and links on this page are provided to give you the personal financial training you need – to be as prepared and successful in your personal life and future career endeavors.

Financial Training Sites

Cash Course: A comprehensive personal financial training site.

Smart About Money:  A broad-based site for adults in all phases of life – from training through retirement.

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy:  A comprehensive site with specific sections for college students, working adults, veterans, and more.

Jump Start Coalition for Financial Literacy:  This site is designed for students, from pre-K to college. It also has useful information for parents of young children.

My Money – Financial Education:  A federal site combining information from twenty-one different federal agencies and departments.

Financial and Identity Security

The links below provide information on certain specific topics in managing your personal finances:

Identity Theft:  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) site with information about preventing identity theft and recovering after the fact.

America Saves:  A not-for-profit site dedicated to helping people save money and reducing debt.

Your Credit Report

Do you know what your credit report looks like? Have you viewed your annual free credit report? It is important to review your credit report to ensure the information is accurate.

Free Annual Credit Report

You have three credit reports; one from each of three reporting agencies.  If you are having credit problems or are a victim of identity theft, you should view all three credit reports to find and fix any errors or omissions.

Equifax Credit Agency

Experian Credit Agency

TransUnion Credit Agency


If you have any questions about personal financial management,  need help with financial aid, or would simply like more information concerning financial management, please stop in and visit our Financial Aid Office, or call us at (718) 332-6469 during our normal hours of operation.