Medical Assistant (Advanced Program)

The primary objective of E.D.P. School’s Medical Assistant Advanced program is to thoroughly and sufficiently teach individuals many of the essential skills necessary for Medical Assistant in the doctor’s office setting. Students will learn all aspects of medical office including but not limited to admitting patients, medical billing, assisting during medical examinations, how to perform procedures such as administering venipunctures, conducting EKGs as well as technical laboratory skills. Students will also undergo hands on internship in a medical office environment.

If you believe your personality, career aspirations, and educational goals are in line with that of a Medical Assistant’s, then we invite you to come and enroll in E.D.P. School’s Medical Assistant Advanced training program at our Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn location. At the end of the program students will be able to take Certification exam right on EDP’s premises. Start today on your path towards a rewarding and exciting career as a medical professional.